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Intradivision Teams

Advisory Board
Contact: Marisela Marquez

The advisory board is composed of a representative from each department within SAEM. The advisory board meets quarterly or as needed to discuss current issues, collaborate, and share comments with the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Assessment Committee
Contact: Gabrielle Martinez

The SAEM Assessment Committee assists in developing a culture of Assessment in collaboration with the Office of Assessment.

Professional Development Team
Contact: Marisela Marquez
Amanda Gallivan

The SAEM Professional Development Team develops training and speakers in order to meet the needs of the SAEM staff.

SWAT (Strategic Wisdom and Tactics)
Contact: Laurie Ferguson

The Strategic Wisdom and Tactics, or SWAT, Team is made up of 23 administrative and fiscal staff members representing all departments within Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The team meets, at least, eight times each year for the purpose of ensuring administrative and regulatory compliance, maintaining current knowledge of NMSU policies and processes related to their HR, fiscal and administrative responsibilities. This team also serves as an outlet to share best practices for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology Team
Contacts: Felipe Parra
Phillip Johnson

SAEM’s Technology Team is comprised of members with an interest in improving current technological processes and research and developing new technology. The team meets monthly to discuss IT initiatives at NMSU and SAEM. This team collaborates closely with central IT support and has a SAEM Representation in the Central IT support for decision making.