October 14, 2014 Assessment Meeting Notes

Follow up items

  • mmm: Internal deadlines for SAEM for 2015. View WEAVE for suggestions.
  • ss: Copy of tool from Open forum assessment (Shelly Stovall) and report from Institutional Analysis
  • mmm: Yvonne, Trese, and Hector volunteer with Kevin and Amanda on PD for assessment
  • mmm (tt) change date for November 11 meeting to November 18
  • mmm: possible wordle for picnic assessment
  • Reading for November meeting:
    • Chapter 5: Capacity-building for assessment practice (Marissa)
    • Chapter 6: Assessment in practice (Michael Jasek)
    • Chapter 7: The costs of assessment in higher education (Michael Ray)
    • Chapter 8: Framing assessment practice in higher education (Michael Ray)
    • Chapter 9: Assessment and institutional policy (Melody)
    • Chapter 10: Assessment scholarship reconsidered (Shelly)
    • Chapter 11: Assessment results reconsidered

NMSU Assessment

  • WEAVE and Program review: WEAVE might have a place for program reviews. Units undergoing program review should be able to use program review for the year’s assessment. Shelly will look into this.
  • NMSU will now use October to October as our assessment cycle for all reporting units (curricular and co-curricular). Reports will be due annually on October 15, 2015.
  • Team prefers to have intermediate internal deadlines. We will recommend some for the next Assessment Team Meeting

Shirts: Yvonne, Marissa, Claire, Trese, Marisela. They will send sizes so I can place the order by Friday

November meeting: date change (conflict with NASPA) to November 18 from November 11

Distributed Assessment 301 worksheets from last meeting. Get feedback to Melody.

Assessment across NMSU

  • Gabriel, Claire and Open Forum: Gabriel talked about Financial Aid and the Open Forum on assessment. This was a good starting point for a discussion about learning in SAEM.
  • Idea: could we look at results from assessment and financial aid?
  • Quality Initiative brown bag: this is another opportunity to talk about what SAEM is doing regarding student learning. Next brown bag is November 10, 11:45 t0 12:45, Teaching Academy.

Project to assess picnic?

  • 2011: Line conversation challenge, list 3 things you learned
  • 2013: Voting on mission statement (over 200 votes cast, and about 250 employees. >80% participation for picnic and voting)
  • How can we use a wordle to assess this?

Assessment Reconsidered

  • Chapter 1: Assessment audiences are external and internal. Measures for external audiences tend to be more superficial: test scores, enrollments. But our mission is learning, and this is deeper than test scores. Our learning should really be more about learning how to learn: our job is to make meaning of learning.
  • Chapter 2:¬†Assessment needs to be collaborative, and you can have multiple outcomes. Other useful concepts: cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning from Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Chapter 3: Rigor in assessment comes from documentation. Rigor is promoted by getting out of silos, being accountable, honoring our compact with society. If we can’t assess the quality of our learning, we have failed.
  • Chapter 4: Qualitative and quantitative — phenomenology. Getting at the Aha! moment. When did the learning hit? When did the learning become personal? How to best be creative with assessment?
  • Intentionality: Marissa had a great story about taking classroom skills from UNIV 150 and use them outside the class. Trese’s students sometimes need permission to own their own solutions. Yvonne sees how this learning plays out in interviews.

Assessment team partners with PD, Tech Team on assessment:

  • List 3 items from this event you can apply in your job.
  • If nothing, why not?
  • Worthwhile?