November 5, 2013 Assessment Meeting Notes


1. Mission statement was adopted by the Assessment Team with one change.

Mission Statement:

The SAEM Assessment Team builds a culture of evidence within SAEM to continuously improve the programs, services and experiences provided to NMSU students by SAEM.

2. Conferences

a. New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention Conference (NMHEAR) Conference – provides an opportunity for faculty, staff and administrators to share ideas about assessment and retention initiatives that promote student success.

  • Conference is February 27th and 28th 2014 in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Keynote Speaker is Tom Angelo – Seven Design Principles for Effective Assessment
  • Seeking Conference presenters – proposal form must be submitted by Friday, November 29, 2013.  Can be presentations, panel or workshop.
  • Interested in attending please see Melody Munson-Mcgee.  Assessment team has funds to help subsidize trips to Assessment conferences.

3. Speakers: Melody Munson-Mcgee is attempting to arrange a presentation or speaker from IRB.  Will try to set up by next meeting.

4. Assessment In Practice

a. Registrar’s Office – Hector Sanchez

  • Assessing the effectiveness and use of the Star Degree Audit system, Number of Graduate Degree Applications submitted and number of unofficial transcripts requested by students.
  • Methods – utilizing survey and interviews
  • Collected information from different colleges: Health and Social Services, Education
  • Students have completed 18-20 surveys

b. Financial Aid – Gabriel Mendez

  • Assessing the Scholar Dollar system which had a major overhaul- new look, new graphics
  • Checking  for utilization effectiveness – can be an economic engine
  • Horizontal Assessment – student side/processor usage
  • How does the Scholar Dollar system align with the baccalaureate experience and graduation goals?
  • Does system align with scholarship endowments?

Survey Items:

  • use of system: time location, time of day use, amount of time spent
  • Describe specific experience – based on time and experience spent on completing application
  • Navigability of site – Can student show someone how to use it and will the student use it again.
  • Did student secure funds?  Type of funding received
  • Can draw subsets from different groups i.e., high achieving or low achieving, survey entire population


5. Next meeting – December 3, 2013 – 2:00 pm Educational Services Building

  • Assessment Reports – Johana Bencomo – TRiO Student Support Services

Corey Vas – Counseling Center