March 5, 2014 Assessment Meeting Notes

1. NMHEAR Report:

  1. New Mexico State University SAEM Assessment Team Attendance: Dean Michael Jasek, Melody Munson-McGee – SAEM, Claire – Financial Aid, Ben – Recreational Sports
  2. Jasek talked about a scholarship offered at UNM for students with Mexican descent – non citizens/resident aliens.
  3. General Comments about NHMEAR Conference

Jasek suggested team to submit conference proposals – felt conference information was thin on the Student Affairs side and there was a lot of information for Faculty/Academic.  Conference used to focus a lot on Student Services. It has moved in recent years to include more faculty information.

Claire – spoke about Loan Default concern and how it was addressed.  Felt conference was informational

2. Upcoming Conferences – Melody encouraged the SAEM Assessment Team to submit proposals to attend other Assessment conference.  There is some money available from Assessment Committee to assist with travel.

3. Strategic Plan Follow-up

  • Assessment Team should have been contacted about a meeting with the members of the SAEM Leadership team
  • Assessment measures should align more with the Vision 20/20
  • Measurements for Strategies should have KPI – Key Performance Indicators in the Strategic Plan
  • Page 4 in the Strategic Plan is the start of the KPI for this Division
  • Check Vision 20/20 to make sure the KPI’s are aligned
  • The Assessment Team is helping to move the Division towards the 5 year plan.

4. Assessment in Practice

Dr. Jasek – Reported on the Fall Leadership Retreat

  • The curriculum for the retreat included case studies done in groups. Facilitators looked for critical pieces, questions, team function, and solution to the case study.  Improving teamwork will be a topic for next year, maybe through ropes courses.

Deb – WAVE Assessments

Deb has to assess a lot because of grant programs, with their required assessment piece.

  1. Alcohol Prevention: WAVE staff goes into classrooms to assess. They assessed 700 students with the CORE survey, which has been done every Fall semester since 1992.  Questions can be broken up by group, sexual identity, Greek Life, and age.  They try to get into classrooms that represent a good sampling of NMSU students.
  2. Assess Life styles/College Trends – come in the form of an aggregate report.  Have been completing this assessment since Spring 2005.
  3. Sexual Assault – 21 questions on CORE survey. Outcomes used during Safe Talk/ ASSIST training.
  4. What do they do with the information?
  • Shows how students perceive other students
  • Social norming
  • Reports to leadership
  • Campaign to correct misconceptions
  • Needs assessment
  • Trends
  • Grant reporting/Writing/outcomes
  • Used to assess binge drinking/alcohol prevention piece
  • Suicide prevention task force
  • Policy changes i.e. dry dorms
  • Used in the Bi-Annual Drug Free Campus Campaign
  • Formation of the Suicide Task Force – created as a result of increased suicide threats/attempts.

5. Introduction of Felipe Parra – Administration Manager for SAEM Division/Co-Chair Tech Team

  • Responsible for collection of data electronically
  • Interested in setting up a Data Dashboard – quick snapshot of webpage with 4/5 indicators.  Should be a quick glance – real time, key pieces to show we are on track. i.e. enrollment’s. Job placement etc.

6. Assessment Day – May 19, 2014 (may not be in Corbett due to construction)

  • Working on planning this day
  • Looking at opening session – Keynote by Dr. Montoya
  • 2 breakout sessions
  • Looking for Session presentation or poster session
  • Goal participation 50 people
  • Reception Friday before
  • Incentives for participation
  • Lunch Speaker
  • Posters up all day
  • Assessment Practices