June 17, 2014 Assessment Team Meeting Notes

Welcome to the new Assessment Team members Marisela Marquez and Trese Collins!

  1. Strategic Planning dates and form
  • Due date for plan information is July 15,2014
  • Team to work with SAEM Leadership on metrics
  1. Debrief from Assessment Day
  • Feedback: Different location, expand invitations. March Phase 2 of CCSU construction complete.
  • Keep poster session, encourage more participation
  • Feedback – July 25 (Fri)
  • Assessment team will meet with Dr. Montoya for debriefing
  1. Next year’s Assessment Day
  • Day-long in July, start meetings for next year
  • UC Santa Barbara – (Bio-feedback), meetings start next month.  May be open  campus-wide
  1. OAC-CAO reporting and WEAVE
  • Sample report – Gabriel Méndez – will present at next Assessment Team meeting
  • WEAVE training  – can sign up with the Teaching Academy
  1. Summer reading: new books and previous ones
  • New Books: Learning Reconsidered, Chapters 1–5 for July 8 meeting. Michael will lead discussion.
  • mmm to distribute: Five things Not to do in Developing Surveys for Assessment in Student Affairs (NASPA Publication)
  • Previous books: Learning is Not a Sprint – Assessing and Documenting Student Leader Learning in Curricular Involvement; Building a Culture of Evidence in Student Affairs.
  • Reading group for previous books: Norma, Claire, Yvonne, Marissa, Marisela, Trese.  Facilitators for this group are Michael Ray and Hector Sanchez.
  • Also distributed Vision for the Baccalaureate Experience at NMSU
  • Read Learning Reconsidered 2, Chapters 1-5, Melody and Corey will facilitate discussion in the July 8, 2014 Assessment Team Meeting.
  1. Data dashboard
  • Core team for this: Michael Jasek, Yvonne Franco, Carole Hicks, Gabriel Mendez, Melody. To work with Felipe Parra on the SAEM Division data dashboard – could be housed on Student Affairs web page
  • Metrics to track – Quick glance – real time data to get core mission
  • Show enrollment and first year retention/persistence
  • Key pieces to show we are on track – What NMSU is doing
  • Accessible for public view
  1. Other Items
  • Closing the loop – what are we learning?
  • Factor analysis/emerging themes
  1. Next meeting:  July 8, 2014

Follow up

  • Assessment workshop  – Assessment 301, “What to do With the Data” – can sign up through the NMSU Training Central Portal
  • Does Shelley have def. for vision (queried)
  • Send entity tree for SAEM to Michael Jasek