January 7, 2014 Assessment Meeting Notes

Michael Ray, Melody Munson-McGee, Ben Gabriel, Gabriel Mendez, Hector Sanchez, Johana Bencomo, Carol Hicks, and Michael Jasek.

Presentation from Institutional Review Board on Human Subjects Research
Dr. Luis A. Vazquez, Regents Professor, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity
Manuela “Nellie” Quezada-Aragon, Direct, Office of Research Compliance.

Nellie oversees IRB and other compliance-based offices. Dr. Vasquez has a background in student services. His research is on acculturation, language of identity, psychology of poverty, colorism, and ethnic identity.

Their takeaway message is that the primary function of Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of human research participants.

All research should go back to the population with results.

It is important to understand demographics of populations studied.

Exempt research still gets reviewed; gathering data for your own learning is exempt.

Risk and identifiable data are related: the risk increases with identifiable data.

Deb and Michael will talk about assessment practice at the meeting on February 7.

Next meeting: February 7, 2:00, Room 2.