December 3, 2013 Assessment Meeting Notes


Debrief regarding visit by Darby Roberts

  • Open discussion was good. This allowed more discussion focused on specifics, allowing for questions and answers.
  • One-on-one discussion with Darby was positive. It was good to hear her talk about the learning curve for assessment and to know that we are well along this curve.
  • Future speakers will benefit from better advertisement for general events
  • Content for future speakers will depends on our role. We need to move beyond Assessment 101 and 201 into a Train the Trainer model.

Other: ACPA (; NASPA (

OAC-CAO (phase 2)

NMSU allocated funds for assessment software: we are working through Shelly’s office to get this up and running and the SAEM Assessment team will likely be asked to be the first to test out the software.

Assessment in practice

TRiO sent a survey on how to better track student progress & how to better serve juniors and seniors. TRiO has to track students, but this is made more complicated because juniors and seniors tend to use TRiO services less than other students.

Counseling Center – they survey students who come into the Center for 3 weeks out of each semester and have built up a lot of data over the years regarding satisfaction and the effectiveness of their services.

Next Assessment in practice will feature Deb and Michael.

Assessment Day Committee Report

May 22 (or 15th) –location: Colfax Room at CCSU and the lobby outside of Colfax


9 – kickoff

10 –12 Formal sessions with parallel tracks, include (feedback sessions, gentle listeners)

12 – lunch with program

1:30 to 2:30 – poster sessions with refreshments


  • Publicity
  • Rooms and where and audio/visual
  • System-wide meetings for outcomes for shared services
  • Develop format for participation

Next meeting: January 7

Still working on an IRB appearance – we might schedule this for Tuesday.