August 6, 2013 Assessment Meeting Notes


Links to some assessment articles are at Send articles to Melody if you want them added to this list.

The upcoming assessment workshops are posted at

Schedule for next year: Meeting topics + frequency

We will meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 2. All meeting agendas will include Assessment Updates (what is going on in your area) and Articles, and we will circulate assessment articles as we come across them. Tentative meeting topics are:

September 3 Mission and Vision
October 11 (Special date) Darby Roberts visit
November 5 Institutional Review Board
December 3 Articles about Assessment
January 7 Survey Monkey
February 4 NMSU Assessment, OAC-CAO, Accreditation
March 4 NMSU Institutional Analysis
April 1 CAS Standards
May 6 SPSS
June 3 Articles about Assessment
July 1 TBD
August 5 TBD


Other topics: Books

Team is open to reading another book together and discussing it.

Assessment Team Shirts

Carol H. and Norma will work on a shirt design for the October 25  SAEM event.

Conferences Proposals with cost sharing

Part of developing capacity as assessment coaches is to attend assessment conferences hosted by professional organizations such as NASPA or ACPA, and national organizations with assessment tracks. Develop a proposal to attend one: We would like to see cost sharing with your area but should be able to support conference travel for several people.

Darby Roberts agenda

At all her sessions, we would like her to address meaningful assessment, overcoming fear and resistance, and the value of assessment. At the meeting with the Assessment Team, we would also like her to address (1) how to coach; (2) what have been her failures and challenges in assessment? And (3) What are her recommendations for building assessment capacity across SAEM?

  • 1.5–2 hours with the Leadership Team
  • 1.5–2 hours with SAEM general audience
  • 1.5–2 hours with the Assessment Team
  • Additional time will be available for Assessment Team members to meet one-on-one with Darby.

Note taker

Thanks to Carol H., who volunteered to be our note-taker for the upcoming year, starting next meeting.

Assessment Day: Need planning volunteers

We would like to hold an end-of-the-year assessment event. Planning for this will be Ben, Deb, Michael J., and Melody.