Program Reviews

Program reviews are an opportunity to examine our practices against internal and external benchmarks so we can improve our service to our students and our communities. They influence our long- and short-term planning and are a valuable tool for resource allocation within Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM). Program reviews demonstrate our openness to feedback and input from the university community and exemplify our dedication to continuous improvement.

In practice, the program review process means that over the course of a year, we will:

  • Examine our statements of purpose and other definitional documentation.
  • Study our practices using tools such as CAS Standards and the Vision for the Baccalaureate Experience.
  • Get advice from colleagues at NMSU and from an expert in our area external to NMSU.
  • Develop recommendations for improvements and future directions.
  • Formally present our findings to colleagues.

In undertaking a program review, we implicitly endorse the following tenets:

  • We are committed to continuously improving our services and student learning.
  • We seek evidence of our effectiveness so we can do more of what is working and improve practices where needed.
  • We value the input of our stakeholders and colleagues within and external to our offices and the University: their ideas and opinions are valid and relevant to our work.
  • Program reviews require time and commitment, and the benefits of such an examination outweighs the costs.

Program Review Guidelines (August 2014 Draft)

Vision 2020 Goal: Resource Stewardship

5C: Provide effective and efficient non-academic programs through continuous evaluation

5C.1 Non-academic units and programs will complete periodic, in-depth program reviews


Program Review Resources

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