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Meet Karl Rysted

HeadshotKarl Rysted is the new Student Legal Aid Attorney on NMSU’s Las Cruces campus.  In his role as Student Legal Aid Attorney, he advises ASNMSU in areas such as contract review and works with students individually in areas such as landlord tenant questions, domestic relations, sexual assault, domestic violence, DWI, personal injury, debts, and  consumer law.  

Karl received his J.D. from Oklahoma City University (OCU) in 1992 and has both private practice and public service experience.  He served as an Adjunct Professor at the OCU School of Law teaching Consumer Bankruptcy and Consumer Law for the last two years.

Maxient Database for Student Conduct


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStarting this semester, the Dean of Students office will be using Maxient, a new database that will allow the university to create and track conduct cases as well as other handle other information needs. This system will let us thoroughly track reporting for the Clery Act and Title IX cases, and provide accurate information to the public.

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Activity Report

Office of the Vice President, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

Charley Johnson, NMSU football icon, attended an NSR this summer with his son and granddaughter.

Charley Johnson, NMSU football icon, attended an NSR this summer with his son and granddaughter.

Members of the SAEM Enrollment Management Strike Force attended a webinar on Wednesday, September 10 on key findings from the 2014 E-Expectations Report by Noel-Levitz. This annual report highlighted the importance that electronic communications – including email contact and websites – be functional on mobile devices and emphasized the importance of contact with recruiters even after a student is admitted to the school. More findings are on studentaffairs.nmsu.edu. Continue reading »

Webinar: 2014 E-Expectations Report by Noel-Levitz

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.09.43 AMNoel-Levitz publishes a study annually based on a survey of college-bound high school seniors and parents regarding their expectations about college recruiting.  The full report is at noellevitz.com (free, but requires registration). When this study was completed in March and April of 2014, many seniors had not yet applied to college and were still looking. Noel-Levitz and The Chronicle of Higher Education sponsored a webinar on this report on September 10, 2014.

Some key findings

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Improved TB Screening Program conducted at Campus Health Center

campushealthcenterEach semester the Campus Health Center (CHC) screens incoming international NMSU students (system-wide) and program participants for tuberculosis (TB). The traditional TB skin testing the Campus Health Center has used in the past is now being replaced by a TB blood test called QuantiFERON-Gold. Continue reading »