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Activity Report

Read about GLBQT week, Risk Management, and Degree Audit changes.

Office of the Vice President, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

Dr. Bernadette Montoya and Valerie Pickett attended the Balfour Ring Workshop hosted by the Alumni Office. They learned about proactive measures to focus on why students come to NMSU and how we can support their affinity toward the institution.  We look forward to our continued partnership with Alumni.

Dr. Montoya also attended the Crimson and White Banquet. It was a wonderful celebration of the academic accomplishments of student athletes in this past year.  It was a pleasure to visit with students about their dreams and plans and their passion for NMSU.

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Activity Report: Spring Break Version

Office of the Vice President, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

Dr. Montoya convened the Enrollment Strike Force this week consisting of staff from Admissions, Financial Aid, the Vice President’s Office, and Student Information Management. This group is examining and updating all of our enrollment practices.

Dr. Montoya began working with the staff of the University Registrar’s Office to ensure a smooth transition following the retirement of Mike Zimmerman.

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NASPA 2014: USD’s process for program review

Demonstrating Excellence in Student Affairs
Margaret Leary
University of San Diego, Associate Dean of Students

A string band marched in Baltimore's St. Patrick's Day Parade, Sunday, March 16, 2014.

A string band marched in Baltimore’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the day before NASPA opened, Sunday, March 16, 2014.


Interest in this program review process was sparked by a leadership program from their accreditation agency.

A continuum of assessment  starts at usage tracking and ends with strategic planning, in which data informs planning. Steps include: Continue reading »

Activity Report, March 21

Office of the Vice President, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

Dr. Montoya chats with the newest employees of SAEM at the New Employee Reception.

Dr. Montoya chats with the newest employees of SAEM at the New Employee Reception.

Dr. Montoya hosted a reception on Friday, March 21 to meet with SAEM’s newest employees. Molly Parker, Krystal Espinoza, Jacque Kennedy, Suzanne Price, and Cruzita Montoya enjoyed light refreshments while talking to Dr. Montoya. Continue reading »

NMHEAR 2014: Social media, student success, student retention

New Mexico High Education and Retention Conference
February 27-28, 2014
Albuquerque, New Mexico

SAEM attendees included: Jeanelle Chavez, Claire Cortner, Ben Gabriel, Michael Jasek, Phillip Johnson, David Melendez, Melody Munson-McGee

Using Rubrics to Assess Social Media Assignment

A team of education and distance education instructors at ENMU presented their research on social media assignments, and the elements necessary to effectively assess them. Their findings suggest content, participation, and writing quality are the most common qualities instructors assess when using social media platforms as part of their assignments. Instructors continue to be interested in using this technology in the classroom, especially with students at a distance, but assessment still lags behind. In the future, this research team plans to create and test grading rubrics that incorporate many of the common elements they have found in their initial research.

Driving Student Success at UNM

At UNM, a cross-campus team from Student Services, the Provost’s Office, and Institutional Analytics showcased the efforts they have made to align the student outcomes data collected in pockets all over campus with institutional data in order to create a more seamless pipeline of student data that can be used for a number of assessment needs. This process benefits both students and staff as the data collected in disconnected student services units is centralized allowing for a case management style of student tracking. The system they have created is impressive, and judging from the questions and comments in the session other institutions in the state will be looking at ways to duplicate this concept.

Digital Natives’ Access to Technology and Implications for Retention

NMSU English Department doctoral students Cathilia Flores and Mais Al-Khateeb presented some interesting preliminary findings on their research into Millennial  (also known as Digital Natives) students use of and access to the technology necessary for the online research component of English 111 at NMSU. Their findings suggest that lack of access to computers, slow Internet connections in dorm rooms and off-campus housing, and lack of familiarity with Canvas (NMSU’s learning management system) negatively impacts English 111 passing rates, and in turn negatively impacts NMSU’s overall retention of students. The presenters suggested possible solutions, including the idea that Student Affairs and Enrollment Management add an orientation to the Canvas LMS as part of the new student orientation programming.

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