Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

SAEM empowers students by engaging them in all aspects of the student experience. We encourage students to learn through discovery of self, others, and their world to become effective members of their community.

Vision Statement

SAEM is a valued team of student affairs professionals who support our students’ academic journey toward the successful completion of their goals.


We answer to each other and our partners for the quality of the service and information we deliver to our students, colleagues, and the NMSU community.

We are fully invested in the University and our students. We show this by providing exceptional service and by fostering an environment that encourages students and colleagues to perform at their best.

We create and engage in partnerships that contribute to, enhance, and support the university community. In doing this, we work toward to the goals of students and the institution by participating, listening, and learning.

We provide students and colleagues with the best tools and guidance we can so they can be successful and make knowledgeable decisions.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in serving our students, administration, faculty, staff, and other partners; we value respect and promote fair and just treatment of our students; and we use professional judgment as needed to reconcile conflicting interests.

We have expertise in our respective areas and overall knowledge of the university.  We are a valuable resource and provide intelligent and accurate answers to the university community.

We address students, staff and faculty in an open, friendly and responsive way that reflects our willingness to assist.  We want to understand each individual’s situation so we can respond appropriately, in a timely and professional manner.