Activity Report, December 20

Office of the Vice President

Staff enjoy themselves as they mingle at the 2013 Holiday Reception.

Staff enjoy themselves as they mingle at the 2013 Holiday Reception.

Before the holiday break, Dr. Montoya met with all community college presidents to discuss loan default management and financial aid disbursement.

The week before the holiday, Dr. Montoya enjoyed a lot of opportunities to interact with various offices for holiday celebrations.

SAEM hosted their annual Winter Break Employee Reception for all SAEM employees on the Friday before the holiday.

Dr. Montoya and Admissions staff enjoying breakfast by Sodexo.

Dr. Montoya and Admissions staff enjoying breakfast by Sodexo.

University Admissions

Undergraduate recruiters attended College Connection Nights held at Centennial High School and Las Cruces High School. An “Application Day” was held at Parkland High School in El Paso.

The College Board visited campus to review the SAT scores of our student applicants and to provide feedback on our student search process.

Admissions staff and students had breakfast with Dr. Montoya on December 17. Admissions won the breakfast in October at our SAEM BBQ.

University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

A total of 3,640 letters were sent by email system-wide on December 19 to students who have been placed on “unsatisfactory academic progress” for financial aid purposes. Of those, 1,468 are from main campus. The Financial Aid office will deal with all these students individually to see if there are extenuating circumstances that will allow the student to maintain their financial aid eligibility. If such circumstances are found, Financial Aid creates an academic plan with stipulations the student must meet to remain in good financial aid eligibility. The other 2,172 students are from the community college campuses, and financial aid staff at their campus will handle their cases.

University Financial Aid is working with over 400 students who received N grades at the end of the 2013 fall term to ensure that the grade does not affect their financial aid eligibility.

Office of Student Engagement

The Calling Campaign, managed by the Office of Student Engagement, kicked into high gear the week before the holiday, as hundreds of students who had not yet registered for spring semester were contacted by phone or email. The campaign relies on a database and user interface built by Student Information Management, and its success depends on volunteers university-wide. We prioritized calling freshmen because they are new to the system, but by the time we went on the holiday break, we had contacted (or attempted to contact) nearly every undergraduate who had not registered. Thanks to everybody who made calls. This campaign is a valuable opportunity to connect with our students and to learn about their concerns.

University Registrar

Military Advanced Education and G.I. Jobs named New Mexico State University one of the top military-friendly schools for 2014 for the fourth and fifth year consecutively.

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