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Progress on mission and vision statements

Working on a draft mission statement.

Working on a draft mission statement.

Wednesday September 11, the SAEM Advisory Team took the first steps toward drafting a mission and vision statement for SAEM.

We started this process by priming the pump through answering questions about who we are and what we do. We used responses to those questions as source material, then half of the team drafted a mission statement and half drafted a vision statement. Everybody drafted a their own version, and we combined them into the statements following.

Draft mission statement

SAEM empowers students by providing a nurturing and holistic student experience. Diverse and knowledgeable staff advocate for students to learn through discovery of self, others, and their world, and to become active members of their community.

Draft vision statement

To be recognized as a valued and reputable team of student service professionals who support our students’ academic journey toward the successful completion of their goals.

Now we need your input

To make these statements reflect the many views of SAEM staff, we need to hear from you. You can do this in several ways:

  • Leave comments below. What changes would you make?
  • Send comments to or talk with a members of the Advisory Team.

We plan to have a final draft for comment at the SAEM Staff Event on October 25. Many thanks to all members of the Advisory Team. We had a great session, and each member contributed to the good work we did.

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