SAEM Activity Report, June 28

Office of the Vice President, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • 2009/04/22: Students walk on the International Mall (photo by Darren Phillips)Enrollment on the Las Cruces campus is down by 5.5% for undergraduates, 5.3% for graduate students, and 5.5% overall. SCH totals are down only 1.5% for the Las Cruces campus.
  • System-wide, enrollment is down nearly 8% and SCH is down 6.8%. Notably, student swirling enrollment patterns are dramatically reduced at all campuses. Two weeks before the semester starts, students will be able to enroll in courses at any NMSU campus regardless of which campus is their primary campus.
  • Four of our eight Equipment Replacement and Renewal requests were approved for the upcoming fiscal year. These projects will support improved technology for the Albuquerque Center, a new golf cart for use by our Campus Visitation program, an improved server for communication within SAEM, and a printer for Student Engagement to use for their marketing efforts.

University Admissions, Ms. Valerie Pickett

  • At last week’s New Student Registration Program, 573 students checked in to start their Aggie Career. We have about 150 students currently signed up for the NSR in August.

University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Ms. Janie Merchant

  • June 30th is the last day for students to file a FAFSA for the 2012–2013 academic year.  We received 34,728 FAFSAs system-wide to date for 2012–2013 and have already received 22,853 FAFSAs for the upcoming 2013–2014 academic year.
  • We received Building Renewal and Replacement funds to remodel the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The space will better accommodate students and improve FERPA compliance, efficiency, and office safety.
  • To improve reporting accuracy, consistency, efficiency, and compliance with state and federal regulations, Financial Aid staff is working with Employment Services to implement a single pooled position number with the implementation of the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF). University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services awards and monitors all federal and state work study funds and works closely with departments to ensure compliance of federal and state rules and regulations regarding work-study employment.

Student Engagement, Dr. Terry Cook

  • The NMSU Academic Advising Council approved Terry Cook to serve a one-year term as Co-Chair beginning July 1, 2013.
  • Dr. Cook presented to families and parents of new first-year students at New Student Registration on June 21, 2013.
  • Campus Tutoring Service is finalizing services with tutors and faculty for all courses CTS will service with tutoring for the second summer term. 
  • TRIO Student Support Services completed telephone contacts to 103 TRiO SSS students who are academically at risk and are not enrolled for fall 2013.

Student Life, Dr. Michael Jasek


This word graphic was compiled from responses to the question “Why do we conduct assessment?”

  • As part of the SAEM effort to build a culture of evidence, Michael Jasek, NMSU Dean of Students, presented three workshops during June. Assessment 101: Construction of Learning Outcomes was conducted for 38 SAEM staff on Tuesday, June 18 and on Friday, June 28. The other workshop, Assessment: An Overview, was presented to the Executive Leadership Team of SAEM on June 27. The word graphic was compiled from responses to the question “Why do we conduct assessment?”
  • Each department within Student Life submitted their five-year plans.
  • Student Accessibility Services staffed tables for the New Student Registration Programs held Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week. Twenty in-coming students registered with SAS for fall 2013.

Health and Wellness, Ms. Lori McKee

  • Rec Sports Summer Programming are hosting several camps this summer, including: 56 campers and 48 counselors or volunteers for Camp New Amigos (children on the autism spectrum); 26 campers and 12 facilitators for Lion’s Survivor Camp (children and siblings who are deaf or hard of hearing); 59 campers for Sports Camp (children ages 5–12 focusing on motor and healthy life skill development); 570 participants in Swim School (pre-school, beginners, intermediate, and advanced lessons); 28 participants in Splash and Dash (children ages
    7–14 focusing on dual-athlon skills in swimming and running); and 120 Early College High School students fulfilling their high school physical education curriculum.


    Rec Sports Summer Camp programs include opportunities for children to  work on swimming skills.

  • CHC Medical Director serves at June 26 Warped Tour:Dr. Benjamin Diven has been the Van’s Warped Tour Medical Director for the last eight years. During the remainder of the year, Dr. Diven serves as the Medical Director for the Campus Health Center, Police and Fire Departments, and the EMT Program at DACC. The annual event attracts thousands of fans to campus to brave the June heat and enjoy a concert with dozens of bands and stages. The medic area is staffed by NMSU Police and Fire, Campus Health & Wellness, Special Events, Auxiliary Services, and medical volunteers from the community, including 30–40 EMT students and paramedics from DACC. The event is used as training for mass casualties and illness as 100–120 patients are typically seen during the concert.


    Dr. Diven

Office of Student Diversity and Outreach, Ms. Christina Chavez Kelley

  • OSDO reporting units participated in the New Student Registrations on June 20–22 to provide incoming students, families, and friends with information about services provided by the American Indian Program, Black Programs, Chicano Programs, and the Sexual & Gender Diversity Resource Center. Dr. Laura Gutiérrez Spencer of Chicano Programs conducted the second Family Orientation Session in Spanish for New Student Registration on June 19, 2013.
  • Dr. Festus Addo-Yobo of Black Programs is collaborating with the Teaching Academy regarding training on diversity practices that is being planned for the fall.
  • Dr. Laura Gutiérrez Spencer coordinated campus visits for 60 dual language students from Las Cruces High School and 35 middle school students from a summer education program in the community; she is also working with SAEM professionals on a training for advising of high school graduates with limited academic English, or who are undocumented, and students who have been granted deferred action status during the fall semester.
  • Dr. Joe Graham submitted the Indian Resource Development Program’s RPSP Project Overview and RPSP Expansion Request forms for the Government Affairs Office.  Dr. Graham will present IRD’s request to the Budget Committee on July 10, 2013.
  • The Sexual & Gender Diversity Resource Center has received donations in memory of Rachel Howell.  Dr. Jon Howell, Professor Emeritus with the Management Department in the College of Business, and his family requested that donations be directed to the Center in Rachel’s memory.
  • Christina Chavez Kelley and Teresa Burgin of the Center for Learning & Professional Development submitted an application for the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award to Insight in Diversity.

Albuquerque Center, Ms. Veronica Chavez Neuman

  • The Center hosted events for The Southwest Institute for Family and Child Advocacy (SWIFCA) program, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Sandia National Laboratories, Lovelace Healthcare Sales & Marketing, and the State Formula Funding technical group.
  • Mike Vaughn, IT lead for the Center, is developing a video on use of technology at the Center. The audience is faculty and guests. This will be part of an annual training program to be developed for all employees or users of the Albuquerque Center.

Staff Highlights

  • Angela Arvizo, Coordinator for Student Judicial Services, was married on Saturday, June 23 to Aaron Bates.
  • TRIO Student Support Services hired Chadrhyn Pedraza as the new Mentor Coordinator.

No Report: University Registrar

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