SAEM Activity Report, June 14, 2013

Office of the Vice President, Dr. Bernadette Montoya

  • SAEM and Institutional Analysis collaborated on a survey of student enrollment preferences this spring ( Students who responded were divided into traditional students, who prefer classes face-to-face and Monday through Thursday, and weekend students, who wanted more online options and classes offered evenings and on the weekends. Most weekend students were part-time graduate students who work full time. About 40% of the comments related to advising.
  • SAEM presented eight items for about $100,000 in Equipment Renewal and Replacement requests to the University Budget Committee on June 12. Three requests will update technology at the Albuquerque Center and will allow us to better serve northern New Mexico students and faculty. Other requests will fund improvements for campus visitation and retention programs, and will help University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services track student data and outcomes.
  • SAEM has created an Assessment Team of staff charged with creating a culture of evidence by collecting and analyzing data to inform decisions. Michael Jasek, Dean of Students and Co-Chair of the lottery-ticketAssessment Team, will lead two workshops in June for SAEM staff seeking to assess practices in their area.
  • The New Mexico Higher Education Department has suggested that the Lottery Scholarship pay only 60% of tuition for the spring 2014 semester. According to an estimate from NMSU Institutional Analysis, and depending on actual enrollment, this could result in a shortfall of $5.5M – $7.5M between the tuition that students are charged and what the Lottery Fund will pay.

University Admissions, Ms. Valerie Pickett

  • The Admissions Office is currently reaching out to incoming freshmen who have scholarships or housing applications but who are not yet enrolled in a New Student Registration event. Nearly 500 students are scheduled to attend next week’s New Student Registration event.
  • We are collaborating with academic departments on graduate applications to finalize fall enrollment.
  • Candace Aragon and Danielle Staley attended the annual New Mexico Education Council meeting the week of June 10 in Santa Fe.  

University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Ms. Janie Merchant

  • The Financial Aid and Scholarship Services Office alerts students when they are at risk of losing their eligibility for scholarships or financial aid. For this academic year, and for all campuses, we sent out nearly 8,000 letters to students about their eligibility. Students on federal aid and scholarships can get more than one letter each semester, so the actual number of students receiving these alerts is smaller.
  • NMSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is developing a plan to keep students informed about issues surrounding solvency of the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship Fund, in collaboration with ASNMSU.
  • The Financial Aid Office has adjusted our Cost of Attendance (COA) to more accurately reflect a student’s true cost of attending NMSU based on residency and a student’s actual enrollment. These changes will improve our federal compliance and the timeliness of the COA estimate.

Student Engagement, Dr. Terry Cook

  • Career Services staff are working with the Academic Deans to compile the 2013-2014 estimate of graduates for distribution to prospective employers for the upcoming recruiting season. We are also working with Texas Instruments on improving their hiring practices of NMSU students.
  • Career Services is collaborating with Institutional Analysis on analyzing responses from 1500 graduates to the Offers and Acceptances survey.
  • For the year, TRIO Student Support Services provided services for 344 students. This included mentoring for all participants and tutoring for 145 students (nearly 1,300 hours of tutoring). SSS is serving 105 students in summer classes.
  • Campus Tutoring is currently providing tutoring for summer courses in Zuhl Library and in the Chemistry Building.

Student Life, Dr. Michael Jasektumblr_static_krux

  • KRUX 91.5 FM, working in conjunction with KRWG 90.7 FM, submitted documentation last week to the Federal Communications Comission requesting renewal of its license for the next 10 year cycle.
  • Dean of Students Dr. Michael Jasek and Drs. Terry Cook, Beth Pollack, Lisa Bond-Maupin, and Jodie Kenney attended the Association of American College & Universities Institute of High Impact Practices and Student Success in Madison, Wisconsin from June 11–14.
  • Deb Darmata of WAVE is attending Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conference on suicide prevention.
  • Student Leadership Programs is planning the first Fall Leadership Retreat. Thirty students will be taken to a three-day and two-night retreat in Cloudcroft.
  • Student Legal Aid has invited 200 local attorneys to participate in the legal referral program.

Office of Student Diversity and Outreach, Ms. Christina Chavez Kelley

  • Justin McHorse and Michael Ray of the American Indian Program attended the College Board’s Native American Student Advocacy Institute (NASAI) at the University of Montana – Missoula and Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana.
  • Laura Gutierrez Spencer completed the Freshman Explorer Program funded by a 2012–13 IDEA grant; she will report on her findings within the next two months.
  • The Dr. Andrew Wall Memorial Scholarship Agreement has been completed, and donations to this endowment can be made through the NMSU Foundation.

Albuquerque Center, Ms. Veronica Chavez Neuman

  • Albuquerque Center is generating revenue from external use and is currently hosting a summer Reading Skills program for students from preschool to beyond high school.

Staff Highlights

  • Candace Aragon has accepted a new position as the Associate Director for Administrative Operations in Housing and Residential Life effective July 1.

No report: University Registrar, Health and Wellness

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