SAEM Activity Report, June 21, 2013

Office of the Vice President, Dr. Bernadette Montoyansr

  • Over the past year, SAEM Office of the Vice President and University Admissions collaborated to implement an online graduate admissions application through the program Hobsons ApplyYourself. Following the October rollout of the online application, we continued to add application requirements specific to graduate programs. Applicants to the 46 programs with fully online applications can now upload all materials, and departments have all application materials centrally accessible in a single place. Feedback from the departments has been positive.
  • Vice President Montoya completed the Listening Sessions for the Presidential Search for Doña Ana Community College on June 7 with a final session at the East Mesa campus. These listening sessions were attended by many community members, including members of the DACC Advisory Board, local school boards, and the NMSU Board of Regents.
  • The website for the DACC presidential website is now live at
  • For Fall 2013 enrollment, as of June 20, the Las Cruces Campus is down about 3% in credit hours and 7% in student headcount; however, we expect these numbers to increase after this week’s New Student Registration Programs.
  • Enrollment for NMSU system-wide is down about 9% in headcount and 8% in credit hours. The community colleges continue to feel the loss of student headcount as students sort to their primary campus, and are adjusting to this change by shifting their emphasis to the educational needs of their service areas.

University Admissions, Ms. Valerie Pickett

  • Applications from new students are down for this year compared to last year. By category, applications from students in WUE states are up while in-state applications are about the same as last year. Applicants from El Paso are about 25% behind the number from last year at this time.
  • Over 540 new undergraduates attended New Student Registration Programs on June 19–22. We always see an uptick in excitement on social media from the incoming freshman class around these events, such as this tweet from Taylerjane: “An official Aggie now!”

University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Ms. Janie Merchant

  • Financial Aid is currently working on an initiative to use card readers when we serve students. These readers will allow us to track student use of Financial Aid services and better assess outcomes related to this use. They will also increase our efficiency and improve information security.
  • The appeal process for students who lose eligibility for federal financial aid (Pell Grants, federal loans, and work study awards) is presently being revised. We are improving the process to make students more accountable for their success and to ensure that appeal is adjudicated as fairly as possible.
  • The Financial Aid Office participated in New Student Registration last week. Over 400 students were expected to meet with a Financial Aid representative over the course of the event.
  • Scholarship Services staff are currently completing the 2012–2013 aid year. Students who have not already done so are sending thank you letters to donors, and we are working with College Scholarship Coordinators to verify that all awards have been fully paid in accordance with donor wishes.

University Registrar, Mr. Mike Zimmermangraduation

  • System-wide, NMSU awarded 2,652 degrees: this included over 800 Associate degrees; 1,300 Bachelor degrees; and over 500 graduate degrees, with 56 doctoral degrees.

Student Engagement, Dr. Terry Cook

  • Terry Cook attended the American Association of Colleges & Universities Best Practices Institute at University of Wisconsin-Madison as a team with Michael Jasek, Dean of Students, Beth Pollack and Lisa Bond-Maupin, Associate Deans from College of Arts & Sciences, and Jodie Kenney, Retention Coordinator for Arts & Sciences. The team developed an initiative incorporating curricular and co-curricular best practices to support second-year student retention.
  • Student Engagement is in discussion with the Regional Coordinator for Gates Millennium Scholars Program to implement support programming for Scholars attending NMSU. This program “selects 1,000 talented students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice,” according to the program website.
  • Fall 2013 Calling Campaign: Volunteers from SAEM and NMSU Colleges have called approximately 500 students who had not enrolled for fall semester to offer support and referrals to resources.  We still have 1,537 students to call prior to start of fall semester.
  • Student Engagement staff are preparing for New Student Registration Programs for families and students this week. This is a major outreach opportunity to make incoming students and their families aware of TRIO Student Support Services, Career Services, and other retention programming.
  • Career Services, Student Success Center, and Student Support Services are increasingly assessing their efforts to better serve NMSU students. As part of this, staff met with Dr. Luis Vazquez, Associate Vice President for Research and Ms. Nellie Quezada-Aragon, Director of Research Compliance to review protocols for IRB to ensure compliance with applicable guidelines and regulations.
  • Career Services is implementing CareerBeam, software that will help NMSU students and alumni with employment preparation items such as resume development and interview skills.
  • In collaboration with NMSU Human Resource Services, Career Services is transitioning student employment opportunities from SES Ventana to AggieCareer Manager. Starting this Fall 2013, students will be able to find all postings for student employment, including work-study, part-time, cooperative education, internship, and full-time employment, in the same system they can use to find employment after graduation.
  • Career Services staff also met with CSO, the vendor for AggieCareer Manager, to learn about new features of the program. This roundtable event was hosted by the University of Texas at El Paso.
  • Michelle Adames of the Student Success Center and Marlene Melendez of University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services attended the Daniel’s Fund Scholar Success Forum in Denver, Colorado. This pinning ceremony and banquet serves as an orientation for new scholars, where they meet with staff from their new schools.
  • TRiO Student Support Services Program attained their program service objective by providing services for 353 TRiO participants. In addition, they identified 123 TRiO participants who are not enrolled for Fall 2013 and who are academically at risk. These students will be contacted during the current calling campaign.
  • TRiO advisors served students through FAFSA assistance, appeals, and end of semester advising. Mentors and tutors continued to serve summer school participants. TRIO serves at-risk students who are low-income, first generation, or have a documented disability.

Student Life, Dr. Michael Jasek

  • Campus Activities is improving student outreach by installing a computer outside the office that allows students to search all organizations and their scheduled events. The wall in Corbett Center Student Union with all the student organizations posted required extensive maintenance and will be taken down this week.
  • Two counseling psychologist positions with the Counseling Center will be temporarily filled by Nisha Todi (Group Coordinator) and Angella Anderson (Behavioral Health and Wellness Coordinator) for the 2013–2014 academic year.

Health and Wellness, Ms. Lori McKeeswim

  • The Campus Health Center is updating the medical information system during this summer to better serve students and staff with insurance claims filing, starting fall 2013. The Affordable Care Act will require all persons to have insurance by January of 2014. The CHC system will be better equipped to collect and file insurance claims to all companies once the upgrade is complete. The upgrade will require system changes including scanning capability to bulk file claims.
  • The Aquatics Center just began offering our first specialized fitness program for Muslim women. The culture and religious customs of Muslims do not allow for co-ed recreation and activities. This program facilitates women-only swim time from 7:00-9:00 pm on Wednesdays. Female lifeguards and attendants are on duty during this time.
  • The Activity and Aquatics Centers have been hosting celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay as a guest in training. Chef Ramsay is on location filming at Meson de Mesilla for the next two weeks and he is also training for a triathlon. Danny Montoya, Associate Director and an accomplished tri-athlete, was contacted by Ramsey’s company to continue his training while in Las Cruces. Ramsay has already used the facility and tweeted about the excellent service and personnel.

Office of Student Diversity and Outreach, Ms. Christina Chavez Kelley

  • Dr. Festus Addo-Yobo of Black Programs is working with the College of Arts and Sciences on an African course in the Government Department and an African American history course in the History Department.
  • Dr. Joe Graham of Indian Resource Development presented Laguna Graduates’ Assessment of Tribal Utilization of Laguna Academic Capital at the Native American & Indigenous Studies Conference held in Saskatoon, Canada during the NAISC’s annual meeting held on June 13-15, 2013. The presentation was well received.
  • Michael Ray with the American Indian Program recruited in Acoma, Isleta, Jemez, Laguna, and Santa Ana Pueblos. He also attended a Career Fair Planning hosted by the Education Department in Bernalillo and Gallup, New Mexico.

No report: Albuquerque Center.


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