Open Forum

Thank you all for your attendance at our 2013 Open Forum! It was great to see all of you and have the opportunity to answer your questions.DSCN1943

Events like the Open Forums are an important part of the work we do at SAEM. We heard from you last year that learning about other areas helps you understand our role at NMSU, and the Open Forum is part of that education process.  As always, I appreciate your feedback and look forward to working with you on improving our service to the NMSU community.

This year’s discussion ranged widely and touched on topics from enrollment, to the community colleges, and the status of the Lottery Scholarship. Many people asked about leadership changes within our university. I will keep you updated on each of these topics as information becomes available. We also just posted about the moves some of the offices in SAEM have made and will be making within the next few months.

Many of the comments I received from the Open Forum had to do with communication. I appreciate the encouraging comments from many, but as always, we will continue to work on improving our communication.

As part of that, and starting this week, you can look for an update weekly from SAEM Leadership on this website. President Carruthers asked us to send updates to him every week about our milestones, efforts, and challenges. These updates will be posted to our website after they are all compiled.

We also posted the video that was part of the presentation.

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