Congratulations and thanks!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this SAEM Staff BBQ such a successful event!  A special thanks to Ann Nieto, Dacia Sedillo, Phillip Johnson, Ann Landmark, Melody Munson-McGee, and to our Enrollment Management student staff members for their work on all the details involved in the planning, implementation and clean up! We especially appreciate Tarran Trotter’s help with the graphic design for the picnic.

The wind held off and we had beautiful weather!  It was a real pleasure for me to have some time to visit with so many of you.  It is something we don’t often have the opportunity to do, so this makes it for an even more special event.

Also, congratulations to Brandon Wise and Loretta Campolla for being the first recipients of the SAEM Staff Awards. Loretta and Brandon were nominated by their colleagues in recognition of exceptional performance above and beyond their normal job duties. The initial request for nominations for this award stated that “Exceptional performance could be a major accomplishment, excellent work ethic and/or outstanding customer service which significantly contributed to the goals of an organizational unit within SAEM.”

Nominations are open all year; awards are given annually at the SAEM BBQ. The call for nominations for this award is here:

Winners for the Slogan and Values entries are:

  • Amanda Gallivan, Campus Health
  • Sharna Horn, SGDRC
  • Angela Arvizo, Student Judicial Services
  • Nancy Laney, ASNMSU
  • Kenna Carriere, Financial Aid
  • Megan Schuller, Admissions
  • Tarran Trotter, VP Office
  • Teresa Cardenas, Admissions
  • Hannah Farbo, Admissions
  • Eddie Bernaldez, VP Office
  • Sulema Chavez, Career Services
  • Collette Brunhoeber, Campus Health Center
  • Patricia Chavana, Campus Health Center
  • Diane Kruis, Campus Health Center
  • Diane Natividad, Campus Health Center

A special thanks to the Office of Admissions and Recreational Sports for the prizes for each of our winners.

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  • Danois Montoya

    Congratulations to Brandon. He is a well deserving recipient! Rec-Sports truly appreciates his work, THANK YOU!!