University Admissions to be honored at the NMSU-UNM football game.

The NMSU Pride Band forms an A at during the season opener against Sacramento State, August 30, 2012.

Staff from University Admissions will watch this weekend’s game against UNM from the sidelines to acknowledge their contribution to the team. Valerie Pickett, Director, Megan Schuller, Senior Advisor, and Minerva Galaz, Associate Director, will be Guest Coaches at this Saturday’s football game!

The Guest Coaches Program honors those who work hard behind the scenes for the school’s student-athletes. This year’s game has been named “Admission’s Night” in honor of the Guest Coaches. These three Guest Coaches have helped student-athletes get admitted to and settled in to NMSU.

Guest Coaches are invited to attend the football team’s practice a week before the game and the Training Table meal. They are also given a sideline pass to stay right next to the team during the game. Valerie Pickett, Megan Schuller, and Minerva Galaz will be introduced to the crowd during the third quarter and awarded for their hard work.

This effort is sponsored by the Academic Support Programs and Services Center.

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0 thoughts on “University Admissions to be honored at the NMSU-UNM football game.

  • Dacia Sedillo

    Congratulations, ladies, to you and all the Admissions staff that you represent!

  • Bernadette

    It was great to see University Admissions represented at the Aggie-Lobo game! It was also great to see the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management not only listed on the jumbo-tron, but also mentioned by the announcer during the game as a special group in attendance. Thanks to all of you who continue to support Aggie Athletics, as well as the rest of your colleagues and I. Go Aggies!