The Registrar's Office is Tough Enough to Wear Pink

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0 thoughts on “The Registrar's Office is Tough Enough to Wear Pink

  • Joyce

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! They are great! I love the registrar’s office photo–y’all are looking good:-)

  • Joyce

    Melody, thanks for sharing the pictures of ‘pink’—they’re great! You know, all of this is connected to Cowboys for Cancer Research. This all started in 1982, and it was originally called ‘The Alma Cohorn Memorial”. Alma is my mother. In the 11th year the name changed to Cowboys for Cancer Research because of all of our fellow cowboys and families that had been affected. What a wonderful thing that it has grown so much! It so great to see so many that are Tough Enough to Wear Pink.

    Again, thanks for sharing~


  • Melody Munson-McGee

    Joyce, that is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it — your mother has an awesome legacy.

    More on the story is here:

  • Marisela Marquez

    Thank you for sharing your story Joyce!!!!

  • Todd Woods

    Thanks cous!!