SAEM Strategic Planning and Implementation Process

With the semester now up and running, we are turning part of our attention back to Strategic Planning. We are submitting how we will develop a plan to the Provost: below is how we are describing our process and progress for this purpose.

Dr. Divan and Joyce Cohorn, both from Campus Health, review comments at SAEM's Big Meetings in July, as Justin McHorse of AIP looks on.

The SAEM Strategic Planning and Implementation process began in March 2012. The Plan has been shaped by the idea that our strategic priorities should enjoy the support of the staff who will be charged with implementing those priorities. Toward this end, all SAEM staff have been invited to contribute to strategic planning efforts, and constituencies outside SAEM will be invited to contribute to future priorities.

Our final document will contain plans from each unit and will be coordinated overall from the Vice President’s Office. This will be a living document: results from the previous year will be reported in our Annual Report, and each unit will update their plan annually.

For the upcoming year, we are working toward the following:

  • Creating an environment that supports the needs of staff in serving students. this will result in an immediate focus on collaboration and communication among staff.
  • Coordinating efforts across SAEM that have been requested by staff. This includes technology use, professional development, and quality initiatives.
  • Soliciting and incorporating feedback from internal and external constituencies in our planning processes.
  • Developing an infrastructure that will facilitate deliberation and reflection as we identify areas and methods for improvement and measure our efforts.

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