SAEM group rate for NMSU v. UNM football tickets

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management has another 20 tickets for staff for the NMSU-UNM football game at 6:00 pm, September 22! SAEM staff can request up to 2 tickets on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like more tickets, you can buy them through our office with the group rate of $10 a ticket. Leave a comment below if you want tickets (note if you want 1 or 2), OR if you want us to order you a ticket at the group rate of $10/ticket.

The tickets are for general admission.

Go Aggies!!

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0 thoughts on “SAEM group rate for NMSU v. UNM football tickets

  • Amanda Gallivan

    Pick me! Pick Me!! I would like 2 to bring a guest. GO AGGIES!!!!!

  • Ruben Nanez

    I would like to see the Aggies beat the lobos in a record setting year when we go to a bowl game.

  • Marie Misquez

    2 tickets would be greatly appreciated!

  • John Sorrell


    I would like one ticket please. I don’t need to buy any group rate or anything just one will be fine.


  • Gabrielle Martinez

    I would love two tickets, please. :)
    Thank you!

  • Denise Esquibel

    I would like two tickets please and thank you!

  • Sharna Horn

    I would love 2 tickets please.

  • Sylvia Castillo

    I would love 4 tickets to the NMSU/UNM game. I work at the NMSU Albuquerque Center. I want to tailgate and watch the Aggies beat the Lobos! So when they see me in the Aggie attire they will know how great the Aggies are!

  • Justin McHorse

    I would be excited to get two tickets to the game! I look forward to supporting the Aggies in the Battle for I-25.


  • Michael Ray

    2 please

  • Laura Lopez

    I would like 2 tickets please. Thank You!

  • Liz Vazquez

    I just purchased my NMSU Tough Enough to Wear Pink t-shirt at the Bookstore so if still available I would love to get 2 tickets :)

  • Liz Vazquez

    Oops wrong game please disregard! I thought the NMSU-UNM game was the Pink Game! All those going enjoy :)

  • Cathy Salcido

    I would like to have 2 tickets if there are some left. Thank you,

  • Dacia Sedillo

    I’ll buy four at the $10 group rate.

  • Tarran Trotter

    The 20 tickets have been given away, but you can still buy more at the group rate of $10 a ticket. If you would like to buy some, please leave a comment. The money for the tickets will be due by Wednesday, September 19 at noon.

  • Bernadette

    So wonderful to see so many Aggie fans in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management! I will be there cheering for the Aggies along with you. Thank you all for your continued support.

  • Ruby Ortega

    I would like 2 tickets please, if you still have any available. Thank you!

  • Lydia Quintana

    Go Aggies! Beat the Lobos! I would like to purchase 7 tickets at the group rate.