Kick off the new football season with dinner before the first game

For the start of the new semester, SAEM staff are invited to celebrate at the first home football game next Thursday, August 30.

The game starts at 6, and SAEM staff can get free tickets by leaving a comment below stating why you love Aggie Football and the number of tickets you need (limit 4)! We have a block of 50 tickets for SAEM staff and guests.  [Update: All tickets have been claimed as of Thursday morning. We are still taking picnic reservations and Aggie enthusiasm!]

The evening will start at 5:00, when SAEM staff and guests attending the game are invited to picnic outside the Ed Services Building with NMSU’s international students. After a quick bite, we can accompany SAEM’s very own Admissions staff as they escort the international students to Aggie Memorial Stadium. There, we will welcome the entering Class of 2016, who will be storming the field with the NMSU Pride Band. Then you can sit back and enjoy a beautiful evening under the stars as our NMSU Aggies take on Sacramento State in the first game of the 2012 season! Kickoff is set for 6:00.

To ensure enough food is ordered, please email Ann Landmark ( by Friday, August 24 if you and your family plan to attend the picnic before the game.

Join your SAEM colleagues in cheering on the Aggies! See you at the game!

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0 thoughts on “Kick off the new football season with dinner before the first game

  • Michael Jasek

    It is great to be back at a school that has football. A game is a great way to see our students play a great game, hear the band play, watch the cheerleaders build pride, engage with the students, and to come together as a community! One thing I associate with the fall season is football! Wear your crimson and white!

    Aggie Pride!
    Michael J

  • Angela Arvizo

    I enjoy attending the football games as I am an alumni twice over and it brings back memories of my undergraduate/graduate days and the fun we always had, win or lose. I enjoy taking my daughters, now 8 and 11! They love hanging out in the tailgate area and once the game starts watching me singing the fight song! They always tell me they cant wait to be Aggies!

  • Stephanie L. Gonzales

    What better way to begin the Fall season than attending a football game to support our beloved Aggies! Are YOU ready for some football?!! Let’s go Aggies! Let’s Go!!

  • Todd Woods

    Just because it’s nice to get out and support our Aggies with the family. Plus I love the turkey legs.

  • Gabrielle Martinez

    I just started working at NMSU four weeks ago and I would really like to get involved in NMSU athletics and experience the school spirit for the first time. Me and and my fiancee would love to get acquainted with the aggie spirit! :)
    Go Aggies!

  • Michelle Lukesh

    I love Aggie Football!! There’s nothing quite like attending the home opener and knowing that NMSU is full force back in session. Knowing fall is on the way and feeling the cooler breezes, hearing the roar of the crowd, and listening to the clashes of the helmets all while belting out the Aggie fight song makes me proud to be an Aggie!

    4 tickets would be gggreeeeaaaat!!! GO AGGIESS!!!

  • Yvonne Franco

    Football season is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends! I also love hearing the NMSU Pride Band play.

  • Liz Vazquez

    I enjoy football and the atmosphere of friends and family enjoying a good game. 2 tickets :)

  • Bernadette

    There is nothing like a beautiful Las Cruces evening, and Aggie football!!!! I have memorized the words to the Aggie fight Song…have you? Looking forward to sharing Aggie Game Day with you all!

  • Ysela Chavarria

    Go Aggies!!
    New year..means new beginnings!! Let’s cheer on our football team! Taligating with friends, food & football!! Hearing the crowds chant the “Aggie Fight Song” with the Pride of New Mexico! Energized & ready for football to begin!!

  • Brittney Ramos

    AGGIE Football=Tailgating, Food, Beer and Fun!!! And let’s not forget about cheering on our boys! AGGIE Football games are opportunities to bring the student population and the community together to join in on the excitement of football. To me, AGGIE Football represents a tradition of supporting my favorite team accompanied by a lively time!

    (4 tickets)

  • Marisela Marquez

    WOW!! this is exciting and a great way to encourage our staff to attend the games and support our football players!!! LETS GO AGGIES!!!!!!

  • Roseanne Bensley

    I love Aggie Football because it marks the start of a new semester. As a University 150 instructor I have the pleasure to read reflection papers about the football games and I look forward to the thrill students express about attending their first big game. Many students come from small schools so Aggie Football is like the NFL to them. Go Aggies!!!

  • Phillip Johnson

    I have to admit I haven’t been to an Aggie football game in a while, but I have a feeling this might be our year. I think it’s great that SAEM is leading by example and showing our students and the community some Aggie pride. Plus, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Felipe Parra

    I love the all of the excitement before a game. Go Aggies! 3 tickets if they are available.

  • Angelina Frias

    I can’t wait for football season to start. GO AGGIES!!!!

  • Diane Kruis

    I enjoy the team spirit, everyone cheering together. Also football is just fun to watch. I’m excited to see the new tee retriever! I would like 4 tickets so I can take my future Aggies!

  • Ruben Nanez

    I am looking forward to an 8 win season. I want to see all the home games and I already have tickets for the game in San Marcos too. BOWL GAME THIS YEAR. GO AGGIES.

  • Terry Cook

    I can’t wait to see Aggie Memorial filled to capacity and witness the new tradition of welcoming new students AND of course to cheer on Striker the Wonder Dog!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melody Munson-McGee

    Any additional requests for tickets will be added to a cancellation list. Feel free to RSVP to for reservations for the picnic.

  • Lori McKee

    Go Aggies! I am RSVPing for me and 10 of the H&W team. We will be the ones that are loud and drawing a crowd. See you there.

  • Patricia Chavana

    Go Aggies . I am season ticket holder. Me and a guest will be attending.

  • Dacia Sedillo

    I’m excited to join so many of the SAEM staff at our picnic and all the other Aggie fans, old and new, at the first game of the season! I’ll bring three others to make sure my season tickets are put to good use.

  • Alice Arenas-Caro

    I love football, GO AGGIES!!!