Do you recognize anyone in this photo?

Which person in the picture above still on staff? (This photo is from fall 1985.) Leave your answer in the comments below.

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0 thoughts on “Do you recognize anyone in this photo?

  • Loretta Campolla

    Mike Zimmerman, University Registrar

  • Mary Chavez

    Mike Zimmerman is still an employee

  • Mary Chavez

    Kari?, Bill Bruner, Adrian?, Jan Guthrie, Angela Mora

  • Hector Sanchez

    No, that’s Harry Caray, old Cubs broadcaster.Ha…ha…

  • Georgia

    Mike Zimmerman, Director of Registrar

  • Catherine Salcido

    Mike Zimmerman is still on staff

  • Christina Chavez Kel

    Mike Zimmerman is still with us!