Who put students in Student Affairs?

Your responses to the question “How does your job affect students?” are represented in the wordle below. The larger the word, the more frequently it was mentioned in the first 16 responses to this question.

Wordle: Students2

Click on the graphic above for the enlarged view.

This says a lot about us and the things we think about. We use many words centered on learning: college, academic, knowledge, education, university, and school. We also use words about what we are trying to do: advising, mentoring, assist, transition, attainment, and retention. Our descriptive words suggest what we are striving for: best, important, first.

We also use aspirational words like hope, best, first, future, and possible. And our words indicate who we think about, like colleagues, community, parents.

But most notable is that students have the place they should: looming large, at the forefront of all we do, in bold-face Aggie crimson! Thanks for putting students first in Student Affairs.

We will have another drawing this Friday at 3:30. If you haven’t responded, please do. And if you have, you are welcome to respond again.

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