All SAEM staff called to contribute to plan

Each year all of us are given an opportunity, through the annual performance evaluation process, to think about how we do our jobs, what we want to change for the next year, and how we might be able to go beyond what is expected of us. Evaluations give us all a chance to have some say in the direction of our careers and how we serve NMSU.

We also have that chance, through the strategic planning process, to contribute ideas to the directions that Student Affairs and Enrollment Management will take over the next 3 to 5 years. We are looking to develop a new strategic plan now because NMSU’s institutional strategic plan, Building the Vision, is almost complete, and we can align our with work with institutional priorities. In addition, the previous strategic plan is now due for update.

In March, when we first started talking about creating a new strategic plan, the SAEM Leadership Team agreed on several points:

  • Every SAEM staff member needs to have a chance to contribute their ideas and expertise to our strategic plan.
  • The strategic plan needs to be visionary: its goals should require that we stretch to reach them and should not be ones that we achieve just in the course of doing our jobs.

Between now and August, we will work not just on our plan but how we will implement our ideas. Watch for the following elements as part of this process:

  • An invitation to reflect: We will be using web tools to launch a discussion about the work we do. This will be a general discussion about different aspects of our work.
  • Open Forums: These are scheduled for June 12 and will continue the discussion begun on the web.
  • Brainstorming: All offices will hold a brainstorming session to collect ideas for the strategic plan. These ideas will be prioritized, and used as the foundation for each area’s strategic plan.
  • Staff input: All staff will be invited to comment on items under consideration for inclusion in the strategic plan. These input sessions will be help on July 18 (10 am) and July 24 (2 pm) in the Dona Ana Room of Corbett Center.

Watch for more details.  I welcome your comments!

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0 thoughts on “All SAEM staff called to contribute to plan

  • Michael Ray

    Looking forward to the meeting.

  • Christina Chavez Kelley

    Bernadette – Thank you for including all employees with SAEM in this very important discussion. We have the best team at NMSU. CCK

  • Stephanie L. Gonzales

    I love that I work in an environment that welcomes the ideas and thoughts of their employees! I feel very fortunate to be a member of the SAEM team!

  • Sharna Horn

    This will be a great opportunity for folks in the division to brainstorm and come up with plans for the future in order to make SAEM stronger.