Today I was reminded…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time at two events that reminded me of the special role that Student Affairs and Enrollment Management plays in the ultimate success of our students and of our University.  I attended our annual Career Fair, sponsored and planned by our Career Services Office, and our Welcome Back Program, sponsored and planned by Chicano Programs.  While at the Career Fair, I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the employers who recruit graduates from NMSU.  One employer, in particular, shared that her organization, the U.S. Forest Service, invests in sending her on a 1500 mile one-way trip to attend this event for two main reasons:  the high quality graduates that NMSU produces, and the warm welcome that she receives from NMSU.  Employers and students that I spoke with were pleased with the event, and it was wonderful to receive the positive feedback from both.

I also spent a short time at the Chicano Programs Welcome Back event held on the International Mall.  It was wonderful to see the collaboration of many of our offices from within SAEM involved, and it was even better to see the enthusiasm of both the staff and students who were there to enjoy and learn from those present.

As I returned to the office, I reflected on how critical we all are to the success of our students, and to the success of our University.  The academic and social  support programming we provide, the health and wellness programs, the financial support, the guidance, the sense of community, the encouragement to attend our University are just a few of the things we provide.  I know that we do so much more, and that we often aren’t recognized for it.

Our last day of registration was Monday, our census date is Friday, and so begins another semester!  All of us in SAEM are working hard to make this the start of another successful, happy, healthy semester for our students, while others are focusing on Fall 2012 recruitment, and others working on details for Commencement, which is only a few short months away.  We have so much going on, and I hope that each of you are feeling as hopeful as I am!

Please take some time to reflect on the important role that you play at NMSU.  I look forward to many more positive interactions with you and with our students during this semester.

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