Students welcomed at new Transfer Center!

Recently overheard in the Educational Services Building:

NMSU staff member: Can I help you?

Student, looking lost: I think I need all these offices — I’m a new transfer student.

Staff member: Ah! We just opened a Transfer Center that can help you with all these offices! Welcome to NMSU! (Student and staff member exit to Room 6.)

Students who transfer to NMSU face a lot of questions other students do not have: How can they re-start financial aid? How many of their courses apply to their new degree program? Does NMSU have all their transcripts?

To serve this type of student better, NMSU is now welcoming new Aggies with college experience someplace else at the Transfer Center in Room 6 of the Educational Services Building. Danielle Staley, admissions advisor with the Center, emphasizes that they help anybody who comes in the door. “We are seeking to serve students from inside the NMSU system and those from other community colleges and universities.”

The goal of the Transfer Center is to make a student’s move to NMSU as easy as possible. This means that staff in the Center need to understand the student experience from start to finish, because students arrive at the Center wanting to know about everything from Accessibility Services to Zumba classes. Danielle Staley and Marissa Macias, who is also an admissions advisor at the Center, take a customer service approach. Marissa said, “We want students to feel comfortable coming back to us after we have helped them through all those initial steps, like getting an ID card and parking sticker or joining clubs on campus.”

Danielle and Marissa will also have a role in recruiting students to transfer to NMSU. They will both continue to recruit at regional community colleges, and they have started a mailing campaign to let students at NMSU community colleges know of their service. They are also helping with an event at DACC this spring for graduates with associates degrees that will introduce them to degree options on the Las Cruces campus.

Although not quite finished yet, the Transfer Center has three staff offices and computers for students to use  to check on their status. Historic photos are on the walls now, and soon there will be a Pistol Pete in the Center to welcome students.

Look for news about an opcoming open house in February!

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