SAEM Staff BBQ and Homecoming Events!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make our SAEM Staff BBQ such a successful event!  A special thanks to Ann Nieto, Melody Munson-McGee, Dacia Sedillo, Phillip Johnson, Ann Landmark and to our Enrollment Management student staff members for their work on all the details involved in the planning, implementation and clean up!  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, and the weather cooperated beautifully.

It was wonderful to see so many of you in attendance at our BBQ.  Serving as an employee in such a large area, it gave all of us an opportunity to meet new people, to visit with colleagues and to make new friends.  For me, it was especially nice to have an opportunity to meet a few new people myself, and to spend some time visiting; something we don’t often get the chance to do.  In addition, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet several student employees!

I appreciate those of you who took the time to engage in our community building portion.  We had over 100 employees participate by filling out the information cards.  I have taken the time time to read through all of them this afternoon, and was pleased with many of the comments.  Here are just a few that I enjoyed:

“I didn’t realize that SAEM has staff located in a total of 14 buildings across campus.”

“Career services hosts an Etiquette Dinner.”

“There’s a lot of good attitudes and school spirit in this group.”

“Outdoor recreational sports does lots of really cool outreach.”

“We have a design team that run the Twitter and Facebook for SAEM.”

“Didn’t realize how large our division truly was.”

“We are all tied together for the purpose of providing student services.”

Congratulations to the winners of our prize drawings.

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0 thoughts on “SAEM Staff BBQ and Homecoming Events!

  • Terry Cook

    On behalf of staff of Student Engagement I want to thank Bernadette and all involved in planning the SAEM Picnic! We really enjoyed this opportunity to meet new colleagues and catch up with what’s happening with student services and enrollment management. This would be a great new tradition for us–especially during Homecoming Week. Thank you!

  • Christina Chavez Kel

    On behalf of the staff of Student Diversity & Outreach, we join with Terry Cook to thank Bernadette and all the employees who planned the great BBQ! We also enjoyed meeting new friends from the best department on campus – SAEM! Go Aggies! CCK