Dean of Students Update

Thanks to all of you who took the time to participate in our recent Dean of Students Search.   At this time, and after much thought and consideration, I have chosen to close the search.  I will be working with members of my Executive Leadership Team, ASNMSU President and other members of our campus community to consider reclassifying the position.  Dr. Susan Waldo will continue her service as Interim Dean of Students.  I will keep you informed of our progress.  Thank you again for your involvement and interest is the search.

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0 thoughts on “Dean of Students Update

  • Laura G,.Spencer

    I am sure that this is frustrating for all concerned. The Dean of Students position is a very important one. However, it’s important to take our time to do it right. If there is going to be a re-classifying process for that position, I suggest that Dr. Montoya sponsor an open session or some kind of forum to ask for suggestions from a wide range of students and staff/faculty as to how this position will be reclassified.

  • Lisa Kirby

    I appreciate so much the opportunity to hear about and respond to the status of all the important issues contributing to our mission in Student Affairs. I respect the selection process and your decision, but am so disappointed to hear about closing this search for the Dean of Students. This time and place at the University seems to be fraught with unknowns for me and perhaps others. I feel like we are waiting, daily, to learn about more decisions without the ability to anticipate. Can we know more about the decision to close the search? Assumptions and uneducated comments will more than likely swirl at the “water cooler” and that feeds negativity and doubt. I want to be part of the mission instead of a frustrated reactionary.

  • Melody Munson-McGee

    Bernadette is out of town with limited access to a computer. Her response to this comment::
    Thank you for your comment and feedback on the DOS search announcement. The decisions that we sometimes have to make are not always easy, and this decision was no exception. We had some excellent candidates, and my decision was based on several factors. Because of the confidentiality of our search processes, neither the search committee nor I are able to share information related to the search. I will, however, be involving several individuals as we look at the options that are now presented to us in moving forward.

  • Christina Chavez Kelley

    We all agree that the position of Dean of Students is a crucial one at NMSU. It is important that the person hired for this position has the support of our entire community, especially our students. I am grateful that Susan Waldo will continue to lead in this position. I am grateful for the work of the Search Committee and the due diligence followed by Bernadette. If we can help in any way, please let us know. I urge everyone to stay positive. Let’s work together to make Student Affairs and Enrollment Management the best area on campus.