From the Vice President

To all DSS staff:

I am honored to serve NMSU as the Vice President for Student Success. As an alumna of NMSU, it is a privilege to be able to give back to this institution and to work alongside each of you.

In this position, I am responsible for areas that deal with student affairs, health and wellness, and enrollment management. Staff in this area play an essential role in the success of our students and in the academic mission of the university. As NMSU sets new goals, the Division will be particularly involved in those focused on graduation, diversity, efficiency, and pride. Among our current efforts in the Division:

  • The search committee for the Dean of Students will announce this week candidates who will be invited for campus visits.
  • The Office of Student Engagement is partnering with the President’s Office to hold NMSU’s first New Student Convocation.
  • In partnership with the Provost’s Office, we are creating a center for transfer students in the Educational Services Building. This center will give these students one place to go for advice on credit evaluation, advising, and financial aid.

In addition, we have other vacant, key positions that must be filled, and I will work with the Student Success leadership to establish strategic directions for the future.

And finally, this website is a first step in addressing concerns I have heard from DSS staff about communications. This site will be a primary channel for communication in the Division, and it will evolve over time to meet our needs. I will use this site to update staff with news and events; we will also use this site to post items such as meeting notes.  While some of these items are routine in nature, they inform us all what is happening in other areas of the Division.

The goal is for effective communication to become not just be part of what we do, but part of our culture. I invite you to comment below. I want to hear from you; let’s keep up the conversation.

Bernadette Montoya
Vice President for Student Success

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0 thoughts on “From the Vice President

  • Laura G. Spencer

    Thanks Dr. Montoya! I really appreciate the effort to share information among the division. This is something that really helps morale in the division and across the university. Sharing information shows respect to us as members of the university community. Gracias, Laura Gutierrez Spencer

  • Christina Chavez Kelley

    Bernadette – Excellent new Website. It might be helpful to add another folder that lists Events/Calendar so people can check it out for Student Affairs! Good job!